Are broken or outdated appliances taking up space in your garage or basement? That can end today! The appliance removal team at PLC Hauling is ready to help you say goodbye to old appliances and put that space to good use. Our team works with appliances of all sizes, so whether you’re looking for refrigerator removal or small electronics disposal, we can help.

Just a few reasons to choose professional appliance removal include:

  • Convenience — Old appliance removal is no one’s idea of a good time, especially when you have so many other things to do. PLC Hauling is a great option for home and business owners who would rather spend their days on other tasks. We will bring the manpower and the equipment—all you have to do is show us in!

  • Safety — The removal of appliances can be a fairly risky undertaking. Appliances are heavy, cumbersome, and often have numerous moving parts. DIY refrigerator removal isn’t worth risking pulled muscles, pinched fingers, or aggravating old injuries. When you call in our appliance removal services, you can have the job done without so much as breaking a sweat.

  • Responsible disposal — PLC Hauling believes in safe and legal appliance removal and disposal. We are familiar with all local ordinances regarding old appliance removal and recycling. Our team makes the removal of appliances as simple as making an appointment.

Affordable Appliance Removal Service

PLC Hauling takes pride in providing affordable appliance removal services to home and business owners in and around Pittsburgh. Our prices may be low, but our dedication to providing customers with prompt, professional service is second to none. We have more than 7 years of experience with appliance removal, and we can have your old unit out of your hair without costing you any stress or hassle. Contact us today if you’re ready to reimagine your space without that old refrigerator, washing machine, or dryer.

Hot Tub Removal

Many appliance removal companies limit their services to traditional machines. PLC Hauling offers customers the additional option of hot tub removal. Removing a hot tub requires special care, as proper steps must be taken to disconnect all plumbing and electric connections. In addition, hot tubs are often installed on decks and patios, so extra care must be taken during hot tub removal to ensure your surrounding structures remain stable and unharmed. Old hot tub removal doesn’t have to be an all-day job—the team at PLC Hauling can attend to all of the details and have your space clear in no time flat.

Electronics Disposal

Traditional curbside pickup does not always cover the disposal of electronics. Don’t let that dust pile up for one minute more. Take back your space and contact PLC Hauling today for affordable, responsible electronics disposal. Whether you’re a business owner looking to dispose of old computers or a homeowner looking for worry-free TV disposal services, we’re the name to know in Pittsburgh and beyond.

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